A World Awaits You!

Emma Willard School offers many opportunities to take learning further by traveling abroad with one of our short-term, faculty-led AWAY Programs. These perspective-changing experiences allow students to gain awareness and understanding of issues and opportunities beyond a normal radius of operation to develop the confidence and skill set necessary to take action to serve and shape your world.

Our travel offerings for the 2021-22 school year will focus on the United States. The first week’s trip was to Boston, and the second week to California. Read the trip updates below or visit each trip’s page.

Blog posts from the road…

Day Eight: San Francisco

Our final morning in California began with a team breakfast on the outskirts of Yosemite. We brought a piece of Sis and Jasmine with us in the form of delicious huckleberry jam, which they gave us as a parting gift. From breakfast, we boarded our charter bus for our day trip to San Francisco! Our … More Day Eight: San Francisco

Day Five: Death Valley Pt. 2

Our first sleep in Death Valley felt vastly different than our nights in Joshua Tree. The warmth of the nights air and the twinkling sky called for open tents, if you even made it there. Some opted for sleeping pads and bags right outside! Not a bad choice for a gorgeous evening. The morning was … More Day Five: Death Valley Pt. 2

Day Three: Joshua Tree Pt. 2

Who needs an alarm clock when you have the sounds of nature to wake you? Our day started with the sun peaking over the mountains and into our tents while the moon hung around to say hello! Our awesome breakfast crew got right to work, helping us fuel up before our first hike of the … More Day Three: Joshua Tree Pt. 2

Day Two: Joshua Tree Pt. 1

Team California kicked off day two of our West Coast adventure with a stellar breakfast before departing our hotel in Los Angeles. (We highly recommend grabbing a bite at Egg Tuck anytime in you’re in Koreatown!) Roughly two hours separated us from Joshua Tree, but a breathtakingly gorgeous bus ride made the time fly by. … More Day Two: Joshua Tree Pt. 1

Farewell to Boston: Day 7

As all good things come to an end, so must our trip! We took the T into town and spent some time copying and assembling our ‘zines. (They looked great!) Then it was off to find an authentic audience: inviting strangers to read them if we felt brave/comfortable, or secretly leaving them in inviting places … More Farewell to Boston: Day 7

Day 6

For our last full day, we got out of the city, driving about 30 minutes to an organic farm in Natick. We were able to learn about the beginning of maple sugar processing by indigenous people in the area. This farm still produces syrup today (some of us bought some to bring home) and while … More Day 6

March 12-19, 2022

CRISPR and the Future of Biotech: Boston, MA
Gene editing tools like CRISPR/Cas9 are rapidly advancing the potential of technology to change living organisms. This program will allow participants to dive into the forefront of debates on the ethical limits of these technologies. Students learn about the rich history and modern context of innovation in healthcare and technology by engaging directly with researchers from university and for-profit research centers. 

March 20-27, 2022

This Land is (Y)our Land: Exploring Public Lands in the American West: California
The US Federal Government owns 30% of the land in the United States. How is this land used? What are the indigenous histories of this land? Who has access to this land today? In this program, participants explore issues of water rights, drilling, river conservation, drought, native lands, and recreation through immersion in some of the US’s most spectacular public lands such as Joshua Tree, Death Valley National Park, and Yosemite.