The Kenya Trip

Hello Kenya parents,

After various behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations, vaccines are done, and visa paperwork is done. The Kenya AWAY trip is happening. The students are excited about working at the CARE Center in Kakamega. I am thrilled to be returning to a part of the world that I adore, and to be working with this group of students and adult leaders.

I am attaching our daily trip schedule and flight itineraries (The itineraries are in 2 documents only because some students are on one, and others on the other). We are asking students to pack their things in carry-on bags. That will allow us to have plenty of room for the games and activities that the students are planning, and also minimize the amount of stuff that we have to lug around in Kenya. If necessary, we will be able to pack spillover into group checked baggage, but we would like to minimize usage of that option. On Saturday, we will all be meeting at Emma to organize our bags together, and to check in with Leah Bennett (our 3rd trip chaperone, and the expert creative force behind organizing our wonderful upcoming trip).

On Sunday, We are hiring a shuttle bus to drive the group from Emma to JFK, so students should be transported to Emma on Sunday morning. We fly out on Sunday evening.

On the trip, I will have a school-provided satellite phone. Until then, my mobile phone number is 518-256-0777, and please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions. Lucy and I are thrilled to be working with Leah.

I would like to extend formal recognition to the people who have been instrumental in allowing the trip to happen:

*Leah Bennett of Friends of Kakamega is the reason the trip is happening. Nothing would have been able to happen without her expertise, concern for fun and safety, and experience.
*Robert Naeher, the AWAY Trips Coordinator at Emma: Thank you for the countless hours you have put into the trip (while balancing 10 million other job responsibilities).
*Lucy Marston, my lovely fiancée and trip co-leader: Thanks for all your assistance in communication, scheduling, etc.
*Lucy Wu of CSC Travel: Thanks for your tireless in her assistance of Emma in completing visa paperwork. She has an incredible attention to detail and has shown tremendous caring for our students.
*Evangeline Delgado of Emma Willard: Thanks for all your insight into packing, etc., and from sharing your experience traveling to Kenya with Emma in previous years.


Brett LaFave
Math Instructor
Emma Willard School Trip Leader, March 2019 Kenya AWAY Trip

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