Jumatano (Wednesday)

Today was a fantastic day. The group woke up earlier, and individuals explored the coffee, yogurt and tea offerings of the KOCC in the morning, and also the balcony view of the bustling street outside the center. We all headed down to breakfast by 8:30 or 9:00, and chatted with staff.

The Emma girls are studious even when they aren’t asked to be! Reading on the KOCC balcony.

After breakfast, we headed upstairs at the KOCC for an in-depth overview of the history and workings of the Kakamega Care Center, delivered by the charismatic Pastor Ida. We learned about how the KOCC began as a small program to provide food for AIDS orphans that was organized by a small group of women affiliated with the Quaker church, but how it has grown to become a program providing support for almost 200 at-risk children in and around Kakamega.

Nicole and Ines relaxing on the front lawn of the Care Center, chatting with Alfred.

After Ida’s talk, we heard from Dorothy, a founder of the KOCC (currently KOCC’s board comprises 14 women in the community). Dorothy talked about the role of faith and destiny in her building of the Care Center. She described receiving a “call” which she denied twice, and the third time she received it, taking action to set up the KOCC. It was a powerful presentation very at odds with most of our experiences from back home.

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