Today, we adventured to Granada, a beautiful city influenced by Arab culture in the south of Spain. There, we toured the Alhambra, an Arab palace built in the year 1238. We also toured Generalife, a beautiful garden attached to the palace. We learned about “mestizaje”, the mixing of two cultures (mainly Roman/Latin and Arab) and debated its pros and cons. After, we had some free time in the city center of Granada to shop, eat and be merry. As our last stop in Granada, we went to the Mirador de San Nicolás to view the Alhambra from a distance. Up on the top, we danced to flamenco music and had what our tour guide referenced as “the best ice cream in Granada. After a full day, we took a bus to Pampaneira, a rural city on the top of the Sierra Nevada mountains, where we will be spending the next day.

One thought on “Granada

  1. The moorish culture! what a beautiful blending of muslim, jewish & christian cultures! Wish it could be replicated in today’s world! So pleased that you experienced it Haley!


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