Jumapili (Sunday)

Jumapili (Sunday) is a big day here. Last night, we fell asleep and woke up to the sounds of all-night church services. It is common here to spend all Sunday at church.

Morning service at the Friends Church by guest pastor Ida, our benefactor. Sermon title: “Lest We Forget.”
A store in Kakamega. Note the advertisement for China Aid; China has a sizeable charitable and business presence in Kenya.
Parishioners leaving Sunday service from another church in Kakamega.
KOCC students competing in the sponge relay as part of the games course organized by Paula, Maria, Ines, and Nicole.
More wet happy kids.
At the end of the games, each team performed a team song. There has been lots of singing and dancing on this trip!

So far it’s been another unforgettable day. The girls have been resilient and curious all trip, and have never shied away from experiencing Kenyan culture. This afternoon, they played soccer with the KOCC kids.

Speaking for myself, I know I will have fodder for thought and reflection for decades to come, and I suspect the girls will find similarly.

Each evening, the KOCC holds a “parade,” a time when all the kids and staff members meet to exchange motivation, news, and well-wishes. Tina shared a poem at this one – a beautiful verse reflecting on being present in the moment – that sums up the trip for me so far.

One thought on “Jumapili (Sunday)

  1. Thanks for the commentary along with the pictures. The sponge relay certainly looked challenging! The parade times also sound incredibly meaningful. Yes, much fodder for reflection. Thanks:)


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