Orientation & First Adventure!

Photos and text by Ms. McGivern

At the hotel, enjoying the first of many snacks with Susanne and Laura!

We arrived just before 1:00 pm (Thanks for driving, Ms. Babar and Ms. McGivern!) and were met by Susanne and Laura, our Envoys guides. The hotel kindly stored our bags while we had a snack and did a few activities to begin building our team for the week.

Many of us have visited Boston before but we still experienced something for the first time: a ride on the “T”, which we found out was the first subway built in the US, even older than New York City’s! Susanne gave us a crash course in reading the map. We even had our first volunteer group navigator later in the evening. (Way to go, Jenny!)

We had a blustery walk along the Charles River …

… where we met a cute puppy pal (with muddy paws) named Molly.

We spent some time in the Public Garden, which was beautiful even in its winter sleep. Some sure signs of spring could be seen: willows beginning to turn green, tree buds growing fatter!

We paused in Boston Common to share our observations.

Then it was off to Chinatown to explore before a delicious dinner.

In this photo we are joyfully awaiting food ordered for us by some student volunteers. Thanks for listening to preferences and dietary restrictions and sticking to our meal budget, friends! You did a great job. By the end there wasn’t much left over and we were all satisfied.

Off to bed so we are well rested for tomorrow!

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