Student Perspectives on Day 1

Photos by Dia, Dora and Ava

Walking through Boston

By Dora

We walked alongside the Charles River, then headed to the Boston Public Garden, which was founded in 1837. While we walked, we saw many cute animals and listened to the strums of street musicians. We then walked to the Boston Commons, which was founded over 200 years earlier in 1634, and has a lot of geese.

Day One

By Ava

After a long but pleasant drive to our hotel in Boston, we greeted our fellow groupmates and trip supervisors with some casual conversation. We briefly unpacked and then set out to explore. Despite the frigid cold, we persevered enough to observe the subway system, the Charles River, and the Boston Public Garden. After which, we spent the next phase of our day ambling through and dining in China Town. After we dined, we got some bubble tea and headed back, thoroughly exhausted, to our hotel.

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