Day 4 continued

The Lonely Pepsi Bottle

By: Dora

Someone forgot to take their big bottle of Pepsi with them. Now it is rocking back and forth on the metro, traveling the city and waiting to be picked up.

More details on the day, by Ms. McGivern

We started the day by dividing into two groups to explore different areas of Somerville, Davis Square and Central Square. My group started in Central Square and prepared an Amazing Race style challenge for the other half of our AWAY team. In doing so, we found a lot of interesting local sights, like the Graffiti Alley, where the street art is constantly changing …

A really cool bookstore …

Some snacks at H Mart, a Korean grocery store …

Mochi, lychee flavored pop rocks and ginseng candy!

We set off to meet the other half of our squad at Davis Square, enjoyed a tasty Poke bowl lunch, and had a ceremonial handoff of our Amazing Race challenge!

Once the other team arrived at the Center Square T Stop, Susanne and Laura gave us the signal to begin and we were off!

How did the Amazing Race go? You will have to check the blog tomorrow for an update! 🙂

For the later part of the afternoon, we enjoyed time in the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which contains taxidermied animal specimens from all over the world, fossils, and these really beautiful glass models of sea creatures …

These models, made by father and son Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, inspired Harvard Professor George Lincoln Goodale,  founder of the Botanical Museum. (From Glass Flowers: The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants):

“[Goodale] commissioned life-like representatives of the plant kingdom for teaching botany. At the time only crude papier-mâchĂ© or wax models were available.

The life-size models include 847 species, with remarkably accurate anatomical sections and enlarged flower parts. Since the Glass Flowers are always in bloom, tropical and temperate species may be studied year-round.”

The glass flowers are truly amazing–one of our group commented that they haven’t been as tempted to touch something in a museum since they were 5 years old! They truly look like growing plants and flowers, right down to the roots, bark and occasional perfectly-imperfect leaf.

Another delicious meal at a Vietnamese restaurant (with very gracious hosts) and we were ready for rest. Tomorrow, a farm visit and Walden Pond!

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