Day 4

Day Four:

We started our day on the Green Line, the oldest subway in the country.

We were on our way to Harvard Medical School, where we practiced treating a patient via a mannequin simulation. Our instructors helped us brainstorm all the information a provider would need to treat a new patient in the Emergency Department.

Our fake patient was named Lily, who suffered from a sudden onset of asthma.

Learning to use a stethoscope.
Is that wheezing?
We ordered an X-ray: Lily’s lungs look clear.

Since Lily’s tests showed no physical abnormalities in the lungs, we surmised that her bronchioles may have constricted. We were able to give her the appropriate treatment, not just the albuterol medication, but also the reassurance that her side-effects were normal and would pass in a few minutes!

Afterward, we got lunch and went on a tour of some historical sites on the Freedom Trail in Boston; our tourguide, Tom, was very charismatic and seemed to deeply enjoy his job. Lastly, we spent the rest of the day walking around Quincy Market and trying various local foods.

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