Farewell to Boston: Day 7

As all good things come to an end, so must our trip! We took the T into town and spent some time copying and assembling our ‘zines. (They looked great!) Then it was off to find an authentic audience: inviting strangers to read them if we felt brave/comfortable, or secretly leaving them in inviting places to be discovered by an interested party.

We had the copy center to ourselves, so we could spread out! Trimming the pages makes for a more inviting ‘zine.
It takes time, but the end result is worth it!

It’s hard to believe how quickly our time was finished. One more tasty brunch, this time at Tatte, a feast for the eyes and the rest of the body.


Soon we were packing suitcases (that seemed to have grown magically larger?!?) into the vans and getting ready for the long drive back to Troy.

Special thanks to our Envoys guides, Susanne and Laura, for a wonderful time exploring Boston. This trip was a great balance between deep thinking/ethical considerations and enjoying an unfamiliar city (or seeing it through different eyes, for some). The time passed quickly, but the memories will last!

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