Day Two: Joshua Tree Pt. 1

Team California kicked off day two of our West Coast adventure with a stellar breakfast before departing our hotel in Los Angeles. (We highly recommend grabbing a bite at Egg Tuck anytime in you’re in Koreatown!)

Roughly two hours separated us from Joshua Tree, but a breathtakingly gorgeous bus ride made the time fly by.

At the entrance of Joshua Tree, we picked up lunch and explored the visitor center. Inside we found exhibits about the land and the trails throughout the park.

Since our campsite was further into the park, we made plenty of stops along the way to take in the surroundings and climb! We even stopped for a picnic amongst the Joshua Trees!

Ben, one of our fabulous Envoys guides, reminded us about the footprint we leave behind. We make a great impact on the land by how we treat it, therefore, we are very mindful of waste and trash we create!

Leave it how you found it is the name of the game.

After our picnic, it was on to Skull Rock. Any guess how this rock received its name?

After a few miles, we traded in the Joshua Trees for cacti! As beautiful as they are, we kept our hands to ourselves and stayed on the trails!

Before we knew it, we arrived at our campground! (Camp #3 to be exact!) Juli and Gabby, the rest of our awesome Envoys team, gave us a brief tutorial on how to assemble our tents and helped us break off into our dinner team. Each meal during our stay is assembled by a breakfast, lunch, and dinner crew, so everyone gets to be a chef this week!

As we wrapped up dinner, we were in complete awe of our surroundings. A picture perfect sunset was our que to wind down and take our spots beneath the stars before calling it a night. With a big hike on the schedule for the following morning, we said goodnight to Joshua Tree as the coyotes sang us to sleep.

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