Day Four: Mojave and Death Valley

Our final morning in Joshua Tree was filled with packing, pictures, and packed lunches before landing at our next stop— the Mojave Desert! As hard as it was to say goodbye, the idea of a barefoot hike through the Kelso Sand Dunes made boarding our charter bus a bit easier.

Mojave maps!

In Mojave, trees are nonexistent, meaning shade is too. Our Enovys team made sure to remind us of the importance of quality sun care and hydration before we hit the trail. While the Kelso Sand Dunes hike is only 3 miles, fighting against sinking sand without a breezy place to rest was going to be challenging. Thankfully, our group was ready for the test!

We all know the feeling of sand in your shoes at the beach is pretty unpleasant. At the Kelso Sand Dunes, we opted for bare feet and better grips as we climbed.

No shoes? No problem!

With plenty of rest stops and water breaks, we wove our way up the windy dunes towards the summit.

Since the heat was working against us in every way possible, the final push to the summit was more difficult than we imagined. Encouraging words were shared throughout our group, helping each of us power through the tough spots. We quickly figured out there’s not much that could stop us when we worked together.

Incredible dune shot by Paula!

The view from the top was worth the battle! It was even better to share it together.

The second best part of making it to the top? Running back down! A rumble beneath our feet paired with the hum of the singing sand dunes took the experience to the next level.

After loading our much needed air conditioned charter bus, we marveled over the rest of the Mojave on our way to Death Valley. Upon arriving to our new campsite, the sun snuck behind the mountain tops as we set up tents and prepared dinner around the crackling campfire.

A sun soaked day swiped our energy, so after a few s’mores, we ducked off into our tents. Unlike Joshua Tree, Death Valley was much warmer at night. The beautiful conditions allowed many of us to remove our rain covers to sleep under the stars before our full day in Death Valley. Next up: Furnace Creek with the National Park Rangers!

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