Day Five: Death Valley Pt. 2

Good Morning from Death Valley!

Our first sleep in Death Valley felt vastly different than our nights in Joshua Tree. The warmth of the nights air and the twinkling sky called for open tents, if you even made it there. Some opted for sleeping pads and bags right outside! Not a bad choice for a gorgeous evening.

The morning was no different. A gentle breeze danced throughout our campground as streaks of pink and orange lined the sky. Juli, one of our Envoys guides, led a small group yoga session as the breakfast crew got to work on some delicious bites before our busy day in Death Valley.

Our first excursion of the day took us below sea level to Furnace Creek, an area inside of Death Valley National Park. Upon arrival, we were greeted by two park rangers who had some awesome activities planned for our group!

Intros with the Death Valley National Park Rangers!

We identified characteristics of sediment deposited in the area.

Hit the Salt Creek Trail and learned about the resident pupfish!

Examined areas where erosion may have occurred.

And simulated flash floods!

Although the sun was quite strong, we were all smiles!

After a quick relocation to the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, we had an opportunity to chat with the rangers about the surrounding land how they found themselves working for the National Park service.

To say it was a hot day would be a bit of an understatement.

We’re definitely not in New York anymore!

But there’s no better way to cool off than with some yummy ice cream under palm trees!

The day concluded with a quick campsite change and another delightful team dinner!

Closing out our last night of true camping, we reflected on our experiences underneath the night sky. Knowing we were moving to a location with a great deal of light pollution, we soaked in the views before our long trip to our next stop, Yosemite Valley.

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