Day Six: The Road to Yosemite Valley

Death Valley continued to show off as we traded the snooze button for a final sunrise walk.

Some locals even kept us company while we broke down our campsite.

Coyote sighting! We were sure to admire from afar!

A quick grab and go breakfast was on the menu before our big road trip North with our wonderful charter driver, Paul.

On the road again!

With hours of riding ahead, we found plenty of ways to stay busy.

Great British Baking Show to pass the time!

We even stopped for a California favorite! Many of us were first timers, but gave rave reviews.

Animal style is a must!

Although the drive was quite long, the sights along the way made the ride more than worth it. At times, it was hard to think we were still in California. Trading the hot desert for cool lush green lands was a bit mind bending. How could all of these different environments exist in just one place?!

After hours of winding through the mountains, we finally reached the breathtaking lookout at Yosemite. Talk about a gorgeous place to stretch your legs!

Camp Curry would be our home for the night— a thriving village inside of Yosemite nestled between the giant rock faces. Here, we would take a step back into society with electricity, occasional blips of service, and most importantly: SHOWERS! Did I mention our tents were heated and had beds?!

The long travel day called for food at the local dining hall and good nights rest! With only one night in Yosemite Valley, we decided on an early call time to squeeze in every bit of adventure possible! The surrounding area reminded us of New York, which provided the perfect comfort to close out the evening.

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