Day Two: Wellesley, The New England Aquarium, and Boston

We may have escaped the heavy, wet snow blanketing Mount Ida, but we haven’t escaped entirely unscathed: a little soggy, we made our way through the rain to Wellesley College! 

Under the branches of dripping pines our group made the decision to keep our self-guided tour to the van, and drive around the campus to get our full of the picturesque buildings and gorgeous natural scenery with an impromptu informational tour from one of the chaperones who is familiar with the campus. 

With the rain turning to snow, we made the decision to move our look at Northeastern (also a self-guided outdoor tour) to Wednesday and take refuge inside the New England Aquarium: 

(Thank you to Flavia A. ’24 for these aquarium photos!)

After that we did brave some weather with a quick walk over to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market for lunch and some wandering before piling back into the van and making our home-away-from-home in an AirBnB. After settling in, the group met up to decide our course of action for dinner and plans for the free time through the rest of our visit. 

This evening, we spent some time in Harvard Bookstore–keep an eye out for a haul of what we ended up picking out–and eating burgers and fries (with a stop for snacks and forgotten toiletries) before heading back to the house under some snowy skies. 

Tomorrow: BU, Northeastern, and Tufts!

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