Days Four and Five: Amherst, Cookies for Dinner, and Williams!

As we made our way towards the end of this busy week, our group took a leisurely start on Thursday. Packing ourselves up, we stopped at the Deluxe Town Diner (full disclosure, this is Ms. Resler’s favorite breakfast spot in the Northeast) before heading to Amherst, MA. 

Finally, it was (relatively) warm and sunny and we arrived in town with enough time to wander around (more bookstores) and get a little familiar with the shops and restaurants surrounding the college. A brief walk from the downtown to the college revealed exactly the kind of New England college campus the area is famous for: brick buildings, rolling lawns, the details of old buildings we’ve gotten so familiar with on our own campus!

With a workout up and down the hills of the college, we found ourselves in a chapel for an extensive info-session. This thorough presentation got us ready to head back out into the fresh air, exploring campus on our own and enjoying all the incredible architecture with vistas of the mountainous Pioneer Valley. 

After Amherst, out tired but happy feet made our way back to the Inn on Boltwood–a lovely hotel featuring fireplaces, cozy nooks, and comfy rooms that made our last overnight of the week a special one (also because with a late lunch we all had cookies for dinner at Insomina Cookies–an essential business for a college town)!

Bright and early in the morning we said farewell to our fancy digs, some with a brief game of chess, and drove to our last visit of the week: William’s College!

Arriving in another incredible picturesque setting, our visit began with a tour: once again we loved the architecture, and our tour guide’s informative talk about favorite buildings, life on campus, the library, a little walk through Williamstown and more!

Back at the admissions building, the group set up in a circle in the admissions living room for an info-session with plenty of time for our questions. With a tip from the William’s staff, chaperones Sydney and Ms. Resler headed downtown to pick up an assortment of salads and sandwiches for lunch while the students caught up with recent Emma Willard graduate Rachel Schmidt ’21!

Piling back into our van, spirits high from our excellent Williams experience, we enjoyed the drive through the winter countryside before arriving back on campus: home (just in time for a fire drill test)!

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