Boston 2022

The Future of Biotech: Boston, MA
Gene editing tools are rapidly advancing the potential of technology to change living organisms. This program will allow participants to dive into the forefront of debates on the ethical limits of these technologies. Students learn about the rich history and modern context of innovation in healthcare and technology by engaging directly with researchers from university and for-profit research centers.

Farewell to Boston: Day 7

As all good things come to an end, so must our trip! We took the T into town and spent some time copying and assembling our ‘zines. (They looked great!) Then it was off to find an authentic audience: inviting strangers to read them if we felt brave/comfortable, or secretly leaving them in inviting places … More Farewell to Boston: Day 7

Day 6

For our last full day, we got out of the city, driving about 30 minutes to an organic farm in Natick. We were able to learn about the beginning of maple sugar processing by indigenous people in the area. This farm still produces syrup today (some of us bought some to bring home) and while … More Day 6

Day 4 continued

The Lonely Pepsi Bottle By: Dora Someone forgot to take their big bottle of Pepsi with them. Now it is rocking back and forth on the metro, traveling the city and waiting to be picked up. More details on the day, by Ms. McGivern We started the day by dividing into two groups to explore … More Day 4 continued

A Big Photo Post!

Here are some photos taken by students over the past few days. I love the mix of artistic views and fun snapshots. Thank you, Bhoomi and Jenny, Emma Photographers! –Ms. McGivern

Day 4

Day Four: We started our day on the Green Line, the oldest subway in the country. We were on our way to Harvard Medical School, where we practiced treating a patient via a mannequin simulation. Our instructors helped us brainstorm all the information a provider would need to treat a new patient in the Emergency … More Day 4

Day Three

By Ava We started off a little later, giving us such much needed extra sleep. Recharged, we went to explore Boston Commons and enjoyed a lackadaisical lunch in Boston Public Market. (Crepes, chowder, bagels, seafood, tea and even cider donuts!) Afterward, we spent the next few hours within the Boston Science Museum. As a group, … More Day Three

Day 2

By Ava Today, we set out on a tour of Harvard and saw pleasant campus greens and well-kept buildings while our tour guide joked, quipped, regaled us with stories of Harvard life. Afterward, we wandered around town and got lunch at Clover Food Labs, a cute cafe that’s science-themed! Fed and satisfied, we went on … More Day 2

Student Perspectives on Day 1

Photos by Dia, Dora and Ava Walking through Boston By Dora We walked alongside the Charles River, then headed to the Boston Public Garden, which was founded in 1837. While we walked, we saw many cute animals and listened to the strums of street musicians. We then walked to the Boston Commons, which was founded … More Student Perspectives on Day 1

We’ve arrived!

Just a quick note to say we are in Boston, have dropped our bags, met the amazing Laura & Susanne from Envoys, and are eager to start exploring. Thanks for the vegan meringues, Ms. Halfi! More later. ❤