Boston 2023

Northeast College Tour

Students toured well-known and acclaimed colleges and universities in the American northeast, including campus tours & visits with admissions representatives. We also mix in some fun activities and attractions in the Boston area! Highlights Include: Visit Mount Holyoke, Clark, Wellesley, Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts, Amherst College, and Williams College; Explore Boston attractions like Quincy Market, the Museum of Science, and New England Aquarium.

    Day Two: Wellesley, The New England Aquarium, and Boston

    We may have escaped the heavy, wet snow blanketing Mount Ida, but we haven’t escaped entirely unscathed: a little soggy, we made our way through the rain to Wellesley College!  Under the branches of dripping pines our group made the decision to keep our self-guided tour to the van, and drive around the campus to…

    Day One: Mount Holyoke, Clark University, and the mall!

    Day one of the New England college tour is off! Heading out from Mount Ida early this morning, we made it to Mount Holyoke college for a tour with two best-friend-tour-guides! Though the day was grey, the historic campus reminded us of Emma Willard School with its circa 1830s architecture, impressive towering library, expansive greens…