California 2023

California: Public Lands in the American West

The U.S. Federal Government owns 30% of the land in the United States. How is this land used? Who is accessing this land today? In this program, participants will be led by guides through an exploration of issues such as water rights, drilling, river conservation, drought, native lands, indigenous rights, and recreation through immersion in some of the US’s most spectacular public lands. This program has a significant outdoor experience component including camping and hiking. Highlights Include: Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite National Park, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Visit Los Angeles & San Francisco.

    California Day 5

    Today was a long day of driving as we packed up our campsite and headed up to Monterey Bay! While there weren’t many activities, most of the students enjoyed some time in the pool upon arrival as we gear up for a fun day at the aquarium tomorrow.

    Day 3/4

    On day 3, we fueled up with a hearty hotel breakfast then hit the road towards Joshua Tree. We met with National Park Service Rangers to learn about the beginnings of the park and to help conduct a research study. Students located off-trail tagged Joshua Trees using a GPS device, took various measurements of the…

    Day 2 – Hitting the Road and the Trails!

    Today we packed up from LA and headed to Palm Springs en route to Joshua Tree National Park. Despite the rain, we were able to get in a 3.75 mile hike on a mountain in Palm Springs. The skies cleared up just in time to give us some beautiful views!

    All’s Well in CA!

    Greetings, all! This is Ms. Halfi reporting (from Troy) on behalf of the California trip. Heard great news from the Envoys field operator in charge of the trip: “All is well in California! The group is happy to have arrived, if a little tired from their travels and the jet lag. They met up with…