Civil Rights Tour 2023

Civil Rights Tour of the American South

March 18–March 27

In this program, students will explore key events of the most important period of US history in the 20th century and the impact those events are still having on today’s world. This program will offer participants the chance to appreciate what a group of individuals, even when denied access to political power, can truly achieve. Traveling to important sites of the Civil Rights era throughout Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee, students will gain first-hand knowledge of the history and culture of this extraordinary time period. Highlights include:

Atlanta: MLK Home Tour & Memorial
Memphis: Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel
Selma: Voting Rights Museum, Edmund Pettus Bridge
Montgomery: Memorial for Peace & Justice (Lynching Museum), Rosa Parks Museum, Freedom Rides Museum, Southern Poverty Law Center
Birmingham: 16th Street Baptist Church
Little Rock: Central High School (“Little Rock Nine”)
Jackson: Medgar Evers home tour, Civil Rights Museum